Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thing 10: The Virtual Library Branch

So I went to the North Suburban Digital Consortium and check out a digital book title "The 100 Simple Secret of Happy People" by David Niven. I downloaded it to my computer desk top without any problem.

The Skokie Public Library's web site is very neat and easy to follow through. As long as you have access to a computer, we can find almost everything that the library has to offer.

Now that I have finished 10 things @ SPL. All I have to say is that we are now in a web-based world, 10 things @ SPL is a good web-based learning tool for all of us. I can't imagine how we can adapt to this rapidly changing world without the internet.

I think I learned a lot by doing all these things. I hope I put some of these things in good use soon. Once again, thank you 10 things team for making this experience happen.

I.R.S (Irene is really super :-)

Thing 9: Google Tools-on line productivity

I used Google Docs to create a text document, spreadsheet and power point presentation. I am inpressed with these web-based productivity tools. They are very similar to Microsoft office even though they have some extra features. I don't think I will use Google Docs to replace Microsoft office at work since Microsoft Office is already installed on my computer. It is good to know that Google Docs do exit.

Thing 8: Wikis

How nice! the 10 Things team has set up a 10 things wiki for us to experiment and play with. I have contributed my favorite vacation spot and added my blog for your viewing leisure.

I have no doubt that wikis is a powerful web-based tool to share information with the community. If we use our best judgement before using those sources, I think it can be helpful. Of cources anythings can go wrong in the real world. So be careful about " radical trust" and check twice before using information from wikis.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Thing 7: Podcasting

As instructed, I went to podcast alley and subscribed "Salt Lake County Library", Secret Library Science" and "SAS" music to my Google feed reader. I enjoyed listening to my podcast music on my PC while working. I think podcast music is really cool especially when I can receive my favorite podcast music updated via RSS. I also like to download poscast music to transfer to my mp3 player. I have no patience to wait to download videos, it takes too long.

Podcasting is definitely useful and beneficial to our patrons if they know how to use it. I enjoyed this a lot. Thank you 10 things team.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Thing 6: Social Bookmarking

Del.icio.us is another Web-Site that interested me since I can see many other people 's favorite websites. I followed the instructions to get started with Del.icio.us and posted a few of my most frequently used websites that hopefully can be as useful to you as well. "Staff Pick" is the only "Tag" function that I used even though I can assign as many"Tags" to my bookmark as I like in order to organize my collection of bookmarks. I think I need to learn and practice more in order to put this in good use.

Over all, it was a good experience to me and thank you 10 Things Team for making this happen.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thing 5: Flickr and Photo Sharing

As you can see, a beautiful batch of water lilies was posted on my blog. By using the "Tags" function, I can organize my flowers collection of photos in to "Flowers" group. This function can help me look for the one I want to see easily. There are many other good Flickr features that I would like to explore. Hopefully, my old wedding, family and vacation photos can be organized in a better way in the near future.

Thank you 10 things team for this exercise. I like it a lot!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Thing 4: Social Networking

Most of the young people I know join Face book to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links etc...To be a member, all you need is your e-mail address and password. So I am in and am now exploring....I search for my college friends back in the 1990. This is a mixture of youthful energy net work, most of them have over 200 friends in their list. I don't know how they have energy to keep up with their friends. Now I understand why my sons don't have time to chat with me any more. I am sure I can find a friend who will add me to his/her list soon;otherwise, I will look for another social networking.